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Antique Diving Helmet

Introduction :

Diving helmet was invented and developed firstly in 1837 by German. The diving helmet was used generally by sponge hunters at that time, nowadays it is being used by industrial divers and diving as hobby for tourism.
In fact, its theory is based on simple laws of physics. When we bathe a glass into the water inversely, we realize that the air within glass tightens and resists, so it doesn't get wet.

The diving helmets for hobby used in the various seas for years help people to walk at the sea base at 3-4 meters depth and view easily the beauty of underwater with coming fresh air from above in wide angle acrylic lantern without using many diving equipments and receiving training. We would like to put this unique activity into the service at wonderful seas of our country initially thanks to you.

Dive & Walk

The structure of helmet and quality :

The body of helmets is created by using 5 times powered kevler polyester and bell jar is made up of acryclic 7 milimeter. The glass is fixed to the body with pressure resistant silicone oring and screws.
The air pressure sending into the helmet can be tuned up between 6 and 15 bar automatically by the panel and carbon filters are used for fresh air.
The tube and fiting system are enduring to 50 bar.
Source of the air is diving tubes or compressors with carbon filter.
The length of hoses changes according to operational region and it is 30 meters max.

Dive & Walk Activity Region

Activity Region :

A kind of port side connecting with a land or beach is enough.
Firstly a racetrack is created at a place suitable for diving. The depth of sea should be less than 4 meters, should have fresh water and cove without high flow and wave should be chosen.
Walk way with safety fence should be arranged so that the visitors can move easily.
Before diving, an agreement about rules is given to the visitors, visitor signs the form, if anything arised from themselves happens, they would take over their responsibility.
Each diving, 2 professional and first aid educated diver (with spare diving tube and security cord) and guide diver with helmet accompany with the visitors.

Diving is performed by minimum 2 and maximum 4 persons.
Maximum depth is 4 meters.

Dive & Walk Activity Region

Who doesn't take part:
People who can not swim, people using drug and alcohol, people suffering from cardiac, epilepsy and blood pressure problems, adhoc disease and people are under 14 and upper 60.
Be attention! The children who are between 14-18 age can only dive with their parents.

Before each diving, the visitors are given briefing about security rules. According to this;
* Visitors never leave the region of safety fence underwater.
* Visitors should walk without queueing jump at minumum 1 meter distance between them.
* Visitors should wait the gesture of guide diver while feeding fish.